Disconnect in society (Your Fucking killing me)


There is a disconnect
In the world today
Nothing matters
Far as we are
On levels
Far too many
Those online
Aren't even real

So why give a fuck

About what I

Do or say 
People lie
People abuse
People lie
While laughing
Through their tears
As they seek to
Those they have used

Believing so called victims
While trusting no one

And telling actual 

Victims to go
Fuck themselves
Yet always 
Acting so surprised

When by the truth

We are blind sided
When through it all
Not one of us
Ever stopped to think
Jumping to conclusions
Throwing wrenches
In solutions
Always arguing
And never wroking
Things out
Blaming every
Last bit of it

On everyone else
And never taking

For ourselves
And still having

The fucking gall
To wonder what

All the fuss is about

And bitching 

About nothing being done
When it comes to things

We actually care about
Only to never try
To do something

Because we are
All too fucking spoiled
To take a stand ourself 
And fight 
For what we claim 

To know is right
Dammit society
Your killing me
Anyone else beyond
Sick of this shit


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