I Write

I write 
To find my voice
I write
To maybe help
Others find theirs
I write to try
And make sense
In my own mind
Of the shit
I see
Plauging society
I write to 
Try and inspire us
Back to humanity
I write to try
In my self
Find strength
I write to try
And inspire it
In anyone who
Will take the time
To read the words
I write from my soul
That has been broken
More times 
Than it hasn't
I write to give it wings
So it can fly
And high above 
The pain it 
Can finally rise
 I write to open
My mind
I write to 
Open eyes
I write 
Because if I didn't
The answers 
In my head 
Would just be
Too damn hard to find
I write to rise
Above my bullies
I write to set myself free
So that one day
I can finally be
All that I can be
Whatever that
Ends up meaning
I write for me
I write for you
I write for a world
That through 
Denial and corruption
Has become just
Oh so fucking screwed
I write for the used
And the abused
Because I have been you
And we all deserve better
Me and you
In short 
I write because

It's what I do
I am my writing

And my writing

Is me


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