Wake Up Society

Why be cruel

When we could be kind
Why be blind
When all we have to do
Is open our eyes
See the truth
In front of us
Embrace it
And improve 
Our lives
Why be a push over
When we can stand up
Why sit back
And complain
When we ourselves
Could get up
And do something
Why stay silent
When we can
Raise our voices
In protest
And give voices 
To the voiceless
Why keep feeding
A thriving problem
When we can breathe
Life into and give strength to
A solution that doesn't
Need to be failing
Why complain
When we can brainstorm
And why continue

To break
What we could fix
If that were truly
What we wanted 
To do

Wake up society
Ball is in our court
We could make things better
If we truly wanted to
We just have to
Get out there 
And do it


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