Reality Or Just A Dream?

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What if I told you
What you think

Is reality

Is really 
Just a dream
Forced up you
By a conformity
Obsessed society
That only allows you
To see
What they
Want you 
To see
Would you think
I'm crazy
Or would you

At least 
On some level
What I mean 


Or at least be willing
To look at things
From a different
Than the one
You have been
Taught to
See through
Make no mistake
The powers that be
Want you to see
What they need you to see
So they can retain control
Of you, of me,
Of everything
Control society
With conformity
Disguised as freedom
And they can do 
And as long as we
Fall for it
We continue
To let them
Wake up
Be sheep no more
Take back your life
And tell them to shove it
They can't control you
Any longer

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