I Define Me, You Define You

I am me
That is plain to see
I am me
The only person

I can be
And you know what
I'm ok with that

Yes that is
Ok with me 
I would rather be
I choose to be
Instead of 
I was told to be 
Forced to be
By a society
With conformity
And being sheep
Who follow blindly
Instead of

For themselves
Actually think 
Fascism disguised
As freedom
Shoved down our throats
By messages
That are both
And subliminal
We should figure it out

But we are too busy
Fighting about who

Belongs in what
To think
About anything else

Wake up society

Th shit we are
Obsessed with
Is nothing more

Than a diversion
To what is actually
And it's working

It's time we stop

Letting it 
I am me
You are you
We are all
Who we choose to be
Wake up society
Think for yourself
For once
And be the one

And only person
That defines you

As it should it be
Think and be free 

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