The World Today


I read the news today
It made me sad

It made me cry
It made me angry
But then again
What else is new
2016 this shit
Has become
A normality 
Yes I saw the news today
And my heart did bleed
As my soul did cry
As my mind did scream
Why, just why
This isn't life
This hatred
And brutality
Towards others
Is nothing short
Of living death
And yet all
Of that insanity

Yes all of it

Somehow we
Continue to defend
As downward
In a free fall
We continue
To desend
Have we given up
Or are we truly
That blind
Or maybe
Its a combo

Of the two
Does it even
Matter anymore
Either way
We have lost
Sight of anything
Worth fighting for
So tell me folks
Exactly what now
Do we actually think
We are living for
The greater good
Or just to make
A select few greater

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