Life never gets easier
You just get smarter
And stronger
While life
Just keeps
Getting harder 
But the harder
Things are
The greater the reward
So never give up
Or lose sight
Of who you are
Or what you are
Fighting for
Living for
Rise above the noise
When it comes to
Life's bullshit
Don't give any of it
A second thought
Fuck it and fuck
The haters
Be your own
Best supporter
Your own

Biggest fan
Raise your voice
Yes make your stand
Start your own rebellion
Be your own
And when life tells you
No you can't 
Give it the finger
Say yes I fucking can
Bitch just watch me
Do it anyway
And do so proudly
No life never gets easier
But it does make you stronger
Just remember
The only person
Who can stop you
Is you
So stay the hell
Out of your own way
And live the hell
Out of every single day


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