Social Insanity

Random Favorites

Shallow and hollow
Judgmental and mean 
That is how I see
Far too many
In society 
More interested
In social status
Yes how they are seen
And living in greed
Whatever it takes

To get the green
Than they are
In doing
The right thing 
Because thanks
To the way society works
Now a days
Not to mention
The media and politics
Doing the right thing
Is uncool
If you want to be cool
If you want to gain
Social status
Then follow the crowd
Be a greedy sheep
That is mean
And cold
Someone who
Doesn't care
About anyone
That is how you
Gain respect
Appear strong
By any means
Who cares
Who you hurt
In the process
Even if that person is you
Do it, do it now

Do it to fit in
Do it to be powerful
Do it because they
Tell you to
Do it because you
Are no longer you 

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