No Regrets, Just Be You

Wake up
Wise up
Stand up
Speak up 

Fuck it
Go for it
Or you will
Regret it 

Live for 
Every minute
No don't
You waste
A single second
Be your own

The very person 
You need
Be your own peace
And the change

For society
You seek
Be your own dream 
Your life is yours
And yours alone

So live it

With gusto
And pride
Never forget

Who you are

And always 

Make sure
You and no one else

Are the one

Where from here
It does go
Question everything
Never take

Or trust anything

At face value

Always keep your eyes
Open wide

And live with
An open mind

See all this life

Has to offer
And teach you

Never stop learning

From all of it
And whatever you do

At the end of the day
Make sure
You are
And always remain
Nothing short
Of the one

True you 

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