Be Yourself From Within

Random Favorites

Close your eyes
Look within
What do you see
Do you see
The real you

Looking back at you
Smiling without
A care in the world 

Full of  potential
And promise

Or do you see

Just what you

Have been told to
The you created

Through Peer 
And conformity
And if that is so
Then tell me

What are you

Going to

Do about it 
Are you just going
To let it happen

Or rise above it

The choice is yours
Choose wisely
For yes you can
Change paths
But you cannot

Erase or undo
What has been done
When on a different one
So choose your words

And actions wisely

And make sure
They reflect
What you truly

Believe inside

Not what others
Tell you
That you
Should believe
Because others lie
All for whatever

The fuck
They need
So fall victim not

And never forget
To be
Nothing short
Of who you
Truly are 
Instead of what
Anyone else

Wants you to be 

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