Bernie Sanders (The One Who Is For Us)

Donald Trump
Fighting against us

For personal gain
And for the right
To say he
Fooled all of us
While truly fighting
For the hatred
He believes in
Hilary Clinton

Fighting for us

Just for the sake
Of making history
And becoming the
Countries first
Woman president
Which leaves my
Boy Bernie
The Independent
Turned Democrat
But only to be

Taken seriously
The one truly
Taking any of it
At all seriously
Raising taxes
On the right people
To give the youth

Of our country
The education
They deserve
For free
Instead of
On them paying

For what they
Should be doing
For years
Just for doling it
For all of us

Not just
A percentage
But the country
As a whole
Doing what works
For us as a country
Not just him
As a potential
And that is why
He is a candidate
I believe in

How about you?

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