The Lie Of The Day And Veterans Unseen

A family weeps
As a soldier sleeps
While society
Just doesn't see 

The insanity
Of the lies
And hypocrisy
That have lead

To the fight

We are fighting
Another day
Another enemy
Another lie
Another excuse

To fight in greed
For reasons
We never
Truly hear

Or see

Promising those who

Do come back
We never intend to keep
Now far too many veterans
Alone on the streets
They do sleep 

Wondering where

All the love went
That we were all
Too willing to show them
While they were over seas
Why now that I am home
Am I suddenly invisible
Why now all of a sudden
Even the government
That sent me
To for lies
Are now
Saying my request

For pain they
Are responsible for
Is just straight up denied
Why won't you see me
Why won't you see
What it is your doing
You send us off to die
For nothing but lies

Now when we come home
Your lack of caring and empathy
Is killing us
You're killing me 
Why Can't you see us
Why can't you see me
Did you ever care
Or did you just care that
We and not you

Were the ones

Who were there 


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