Welcome To Hell

Random Favorites

Welcome to hell
On a never ending loop
Hatred and bullshit
Sold through 
Lies and empty promises 
Complete with shiny lights
And pretty bells and whistles

Meant to distract you

While those looking
For power

Steal the country

You love so much

And all that
Makes you free

Right out
From under you 
All while swearing

It's what needs
To be done
For the greater good
Of everyone
Hanging on
To every word
Instead of knowing better
You fall for it all
Over and over again
Just waiting 

For better
To finally begin
But what happens when
The lies and empty
Promises end

And the truth

Is revealed
All too late
To do a damn
Thing about it 

And we all fall

In the end
As the power hungry
Greatest victims 

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