Speak And Wake Up The Hate Filled Puppets

Speak up
Shout out loud
Be heard

You know how 
Those who live
To beat down

And push you around
Make you too scared

To even make

A fucking sound
Fuck them all

Let them know
It's their turn
To be silenced now
Scream so loud 

Even they
Who don't care 
Enough about others
To hear anyone

But themselves
Can't  help
But take notice
And finally
Fucking learn something
Speak up 

And keep finding ways
To be heard
To the point
Of even your haters

Having second thoughts
Make even the most
Stubborn of closed minds

Second guess themselves
And for once see things

From a new perspective
Finally start to get it

And maybe
Just maybe
Learn to give a damn
And become for once
A bit more human
And alot less

Hateful puppet



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