Smooth talking 

Make no mistake
With your life
They will gladly play
No they won't hesitate 
To use you up
And throw
You away
See for them
Life itself
It's all a game

And in their eyes
You are nothing but
A fucking pawn 

Smooth talking
Sell you lies
Wrapped in
Half truths
Reel you in
By saying exactly

What they know
You want to hear
Make so much sense

It will seem
Crystal clear
But the second
They are elected
The smoke begins
To clear
Look for them
And their promises
To be there

And suddenly

They are nowhere near 
So remember this

Next time you hear 
A politician speak
Look past
The promises
Never intended
To be kept
Open your eyes
And your ears
So that when it comes
To the truth

You hear it
See it
Go with it 

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