Political Coma

I wake within
A dream it seems
And can't believe

What it is I see
A world seemingly

So void 

Of humanity
It's beyond


School shooting

A country
That just can't

Help but disagree
And a billionaire
So out of touch
With reality
It's frightening
Who is running

For the presidency
And not only
Is he running

But for some reason
We are responding
Like we actually think
He's the one
Who swears he
Could kill somebody
And not lose
A single vote
Is a good thing
So distracted 
Forever blinded
By empty words
We think we hear
And deaf to

The ones
We should

Be hearing

That are being said
We need to 
Wake up
Snap out of it
The political coma
That can only lead
To more and more
Political trauma
We need to wise up
Because the way
Things are going
Our country
Could very likely

End up in flames
And it will have been
Our own damn fault 

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