Midwest Stuck (How Did I Get Here)

Midwest stuck
Burnt out mind
Midwest blind

In a hell 
Not meant for me
Got nothing left
But midwest time
Living a so called life
I wish
Was never mine
Backward thoughts
Warped views
That make
No sense
To me and irk me

In ways
I can't even
Begin to explain
That most here
I fear would never
Try not to be
So firey
Am anyway
Can't help that shit
It's just me

It is the way
That I think
When I look

At the world

That I see
Northern most tip
Of a bible belt

I am sick
Of people

Trying to get me

To believe in
I feel like
I am drowning

In shit
Those who spew it

Don't even understand
I came here
An innocent 8 year old

I didn't think like this

How did I get here
How did I get here? 

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