Power Is The Biggest Lie


The universe is 
One big lie

We fight ourselves

And don't know why 
Power, greed,

Money, social status
All mean somehow

More to us

Than our fellow man 
Power somehow
Is everything
And somehow
We actually think
That when we
Acheive the
Ultimate power
We somehow

Won't be alone
But news flash
When you alienate
And piss off

Just to get ahead

All you have

Is yourself

And at that point

Is pretty
And ugly
But hey you
Have riches
And fancy shit

So it's worth it right?
Is it
I mean is it really
If you ask me

It is better

To be rich
In friends
And family
Than in gold

Or money
Because riches
And fame
Can be fleeting

But family and
The right friends

Are forever
And I would take that
Over anything else
Any day 

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