You Are Not Alone

You are not alone 
In this world
That can often
Seem so
And cold
You are not alone

Even when
Everyone it seems
Likes to tell you

That you are
Mean spirited
And cold hearted

Our society
Yes it can be
As the world
Can seem
Oh so very lonely
For one who
Doesn't fit in
Who to the mean
Isn't quite right
Who is their favorite
Verbal punching bag
The one who is
Afraid to even
Show their face
Believe me
I get it
I've been there
I've been all of it

In the end
I wasn't alone 
And neither are you
Please never
Forget it

There are
Others like you

Looking for you
Hoping you

Don't give up either
So keep fighting

Please never
Give up
Because bottom line

I wasn't alone

No not really
And no you my friend

Are not either
So take a deep breathe
Yes just breath
Keep going

And if you ever

Feel weak
Just remember

We have you
We always do
And always will
Because you
Are not alone
This I promise you 


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