Trapped In Our Own Hell And Denial

We abuse each other

Fight and use 
Everyone else

With no respect
Even for ourselves
So deep we are

In our own hell
No way out seen
Surrounded by 

Created by
The very hate

And greed

Running society 

That we let happen
Far too often
Time and time again
Never learning
Never waking up
Just going with it
And bitching about it
Wondering why
Nothing ever changes
Everyone bitching

About what isn't
Being done

And the fact
That there is no
Respect anywhere to be found
Yet in their own hearts
Reality is far worse
Than about what
They are bitching

Too blind
And stubborn to see it
They just keep going

As their own hole
And a hole for the world

They keep on digging

With disrespect
And ignorance abound
While still claiming
To be searching

High and low
For sanity
Long gone
To be found 
Look around folks
This is us

Hell this is us
In a nutshell
And yet no matter

How many times
I or anyone else says it
All we will ever do
Is fucking deny it
Sad isn't it? 

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