David Bowie (My World Over One Month Later)

Over one month gone

Man I can't believe it
The Goblin King

Has gone

And with him
A great percentage

Of the worlds magick
Jareth, Ziggy,

The Thin White Duke
No matter what
The name 
You did go by
Our dear Bowie
Of you we still
Could never
Just get enough
And in the last month
The world has been 

For lack of a 

Better word, numb
Trying to make sense

Of what and who
We have truly lost
Trying to wrap 
Our minds 
Around how
This could have happened
I mean yes cancer

And seriously 
Fuck cancer
But the shock
I mean honestly
Has anyone 
Gotten over it yet
Me no 
Not even close

Nor do I 
For a second 
Think I am

The only one

Again I say
Not even close

I keep watching
Funny videos
Of you on
So that you
Can make me smile

Everyday and I 
Can forget
You are gone
For a few minutes
And feel better
But then I remember

And succomb
To my favorite 
Song of yours
Playing over and over
In my head
And I smile
With tears
In my eyes
As I lift my head
And say 
Thank you
For everything
Yes thank you
For if nothing else

Than just being 
The beautiful soul
That was and will

Forever be, you


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