Fight For Not Against

Come together
And fight for
One another 
Instead of
Always against
Each other
All our fighting

Has gotten us
And nothing
Other than
Helping us  

Dig ourselves
Further and further

Into a hell

We can no

Longer afford
To be in 

The definition
Of insanity

Is doing the
Same thing
Over and over again
Expecting something
Different to happen
And yet somehow

We are always
When doing

The same shit
And following
The same people

Over and over
Has literally
Gotten us

No further
Than the hell
We have created

For our own
Damn selves 

Open your eyes

And your minds
Stop willfully
Living blind

Get up
Off your asses
And start
Fighting for
The better
You keep
Bitching about

Never seeing
And come to terms

With the fact

That what you bitch for
Will never happen
If all you do is bitch
Point fingers
Place blame
And take no

For yourself
Wake up
Get over it

And start working
Together instead

Of fighting
Each other already 

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