The Past (Learn From Not Forget)

Forget not
And learn from

Where we 
Do come from
Because for
While the past 
May be

But a memory
We can no

Longer touch
It does hold

Many lessons

It is still screaming


And for good reason
To teach us 

Because to forget
The past
Is to be

Forever doomed

To keep
Repeating it

But to learn from it
To truly learn

From it

Is to give
Mankind hope
For a better

We need to

Stop just teaching
And then forgetting it
We must teach, learn,
And use what
We learn from it

In the everyday
We must remember

Where we have been
So we can stop
Letting it happen
Again and again
Because let's face it

The way the world
Is right now
It's just

The same old shit
Different day
Different name
But literally

The same fucking thing

We need to change this

And change it now
While we still can 

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