Karma Strikes

Random Favorites

Gauntlet thrown
Chances blown
Karma earned
You're going down

You look around

No helping hand

To be found

You try to scream
But fail
To make

A sound 
Your mind

It races

As you think
Of all the ways
You got here

The lying
The cheating

The hate

And all the poeple
You used daily

For your own gain
All the work
Others did for you

Only to have you
Take the credit
And not once in
Your life

What you know
Is the truth 
Your world
Is falling to pieces

As the walls
Now start
To close in
Your mind it
While you pray
For some type
Of reprive

Prayer denied
There will be no light
This is the end
You know you 
Deserve it
As one last blow
Karma does send 


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