Unjust System Of Justice

West Memphis Three

Making A Murderer
And the
West Memphis Three
Cases like these
Really make you think 
When it comes
To a system
In which 
We are 
To believe
Meant to 

Mean something

And get justice

For those who 
Need it

But instead 
Is full of 
Witch hunts
And lies

More insterested

In solving cases fast
In order to 
Climb the ranks
And line their pockets
Innocent people
Easy targets
Victims of 
Modern day
Witch hunts

At the hands 
Of people 
Who should 
Know better

But don't 

Because in truth

They don't care
No they really don't 

Give a damn
About anyone

Not you 
Not me
And their

Next victims
Could be any 
Of us easily

Yes the next


In a cell
Or on death row
Could be me

Could be you
And there wouldn't be
A whole lot
About it

We could do
Because once they
Have you
They aren't 

In letting you go
They would rather

Have fun
Torturing you
Making your life
Nothing short
Of hell
Yes once they
Have you
All you are

Is screwed
Just the way
They like it
Yes these two cases

They make you think
And hopefully
For our own sakes
They make us think
Hard enough

To get out
And do
About it
Because from
Where I am standing
The one truth
I see clearly

Is this madness

Must come to an end
Yes something
Has got to give 


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