Ode To Bowie

Your music 

Inspires and

Makes me happy

Your movies 

Make me smile

You may have 

Been first

Ziggy Stardust
But to me

You will always be

My beautiful
Goblin King

And perfect
In the eyes

Of those
Who bothered
To truly notice
You really were
A star for the ages
The world

Was your stage
And we were all
Your all too happy audience
Entranced and enthralled

By the magick of it all
I know I for one

Could never
Get enough 

Meeting you

Was on my bucket list
And crossing it
Off the list

Because of your death
Was beyond depressing
And in a way
Killed me too
I know no one

Lives forever

But you were one

I truly hoped
We would

Never lose
There will never

Be another
One like you

Nor should there

Ever be

You weren't just

Once in a lifetime
But once
In a planet's
Very existence
We had you
And for that
I am thankful

And for all you did
For the weird
The dreamers

The black sheep
And freaks like me

All I want to say
From the bottom 
Of my heart
Is thank you
We miss you

And we always will



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