Control From Behind Closed Doors

Random Favorites

Behind closed doors
Under the guise

Of smoke and mirrors
The political elite
Meet and decide
How to further fuck
While manipulating

The land of the free
House of lies

Run by those

Hell bent 

On reassuring you

Everything is fine
While pulling the 
Wool right

Over your eyes

Leaving you

And keeping you blind

While controlling you

Left and right

From false promises
To half truths
Face it folks

We've all been duped  

We must wake up
And see the unseen
The truth
Of the government
We trust
And believe in
The truth

They want none
Of us to see 

How they are 

Sitting back
Lining their pockets
With money

Gained through
Our fear

And misery

Things a lot better

Yes they could make

But better is not
For what they wish
No better won't help
Them make bank
Or help them
Control the masses
Like the blind sheep
They prefer 

Us to be

Wake up people
Yes society for once

Wake the fuck up
We are being used

Lied to and duped
And it's about time 

We figured it out

And did something 
About it


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