The Unworthy And Forgotten

I've been the loyal
And royally screwed
The one who when even
You weren't for me
Was still there for you

Convinced it was
You that I loved
Though it appears

From early on
Despite the things
You said
And claimed to believe
You were
Already done

The love was gone

The second

Things got tough

Tried to hold on
While to a roommate
So controlling

You I was quickly losing
More and more
Day after day
It was I
You were ignoring

While only to them
You were listening

Was their prisoner
And you did nothing
Abused and starved
Yet still for me
You refused to
Stand up

I guess they
Were just

More important

To their lies

About me

You were all
Too happy

To always listen
Yet never could I
Get even one true word in

But that's ok
Because as of today
You are nothing but

The forgotten
One who wasn't worthy
Of even knowing my name

To begin with
And I would say
That's how

You will be

But you won't be

You won't be remembered
No not at all 

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