Haunted By You, Haunted By Me


Haunted memories
Forgotten dreams
Lost in a sea

Of insanity
In uncertainty
Trying to find
In a world
There has to be
More to life

Than this 
Everyday I look
And all I see
Is a world

Telling me
It's wrong to be

The person
I know is me
While surrounded 
By nothing but

Masks and facades
Being pawned off
As truth
Ruthless politicians
Spewing lies

As the media

Keeps manipulating
Weak and pathetic minds

The rebels and dreamers
Scatter in fear

As more and more
Are convinced
Of how much 
They don't matter
While the brainwashed
Blindly grow 
Their sick sad ranks
Of insanity
For those
Whose heads

Just grow

Fatter and fatter

Why do we keep
Letting this happen
Why don't we care
Are we really

Too damn scared

To stand and raise

Our voices
For what we know 
Is right
Are we really
Too damn scared
To even anymore
For who we are fight
My oh my

Have we become
Nothing more

Than a sorry sight
A society in which
I am nothing more
Than an outsider

Haunted by you
Haunted by me 

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