Whacked Out Jacked Up World


Broken promises
A world full of lies
With a society
So blind

It knows not
To even ask why
As far too many
The whole world wide

Day after day
For being who
They are
sickenly punished
Or sent to die
It's enough

To make the nerves
Of this peace seeking
Dreamer fried
And make me wonder

Why it is

When so many won't

I still insist on being
One who cares
Yet each day
I awake
Caring more

Than the day before

Because it is

All I know

How to be
And who 
Despite everything
I am still proudly

Even when
At the sight
Of everything

My head I am shaking

As my heart is breaking
While desperately waiting

For something

To finally give
In this

Whacked out
Jacked up
World that we live 

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