Time To Wake Up


The world is asleep
Society is blind
To the problems
On which it should
Be focussing
We see only

What we want to see
And ignore the rest
The truth
Quite stupidly 
Just because
The truth
Isn't pleasing
Or even what
We are told to see
By those who seek
To control as many
As possible
Through lies
And conformity

Making us all sheep
So the wolves on top
Can have their fun
The world needs

To wake up
This sleeping
Through life
Has gone on
Long enough

Yes society
It is time to

Wise the fuck up
And stand up
To the insanity
The greed
The conformity
And complacency
Need to be history
We need to
Stop judging
Start learning
From each other
Instead of living
In so much hate
And we need to stop
Following blindly
And being sheep
Instead of living

As individuals
With differences
That are vital,

And need
To be learned from
And treasured
Instead of
Feared and hated
Because of ignorance
It's time we got

Our act together
It's time we started
Helping each other more

It's time to wake up 


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