Never Stop Asking Why

Question everything
Let nothing go
The only way
To ever get to
The root
Of the bullshit

And problems

Plaguing us all
In a society
That would

Just rather
Not know
Question everything
Trust no one

And nothing

When it comes

To the overall
State of things
For nothing is ever

What it seems to be
Fall not

For the
Smoke and mirrors
Of those in charge
Who will try
To use, confuse,

And control you
Turn you 

Into a sheep
While lying
Saying they

Are there for you


Every single

One of them
Are in it

For themselves
And the only
Real way
To fight back
Is to question them
Keep asking why
Catch them
In a lie

They can't deny
Then keep going
Because their plan
Only works
When we are
And blind
So whatever you do
Never, ever stop
Asking why


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