War Torn And Blind (Wake Up)

War torn planet
With people dying

Every second

Of every minute
And too few 
People even 

To even see it 
Veteran’s dying
While on the streets 
Forced to be living

As children cry
In other countries
Asking why nobody cares

That they live in fear
Of the world around them
Imploding daily 
As bombs explode nightly

Taking their 
Homes and families

Leaving them
Dead or with nothing
While those
In power
Big banks
And Businesses
More important
Than you and me

Live quite happily
In greed
Making money
Off of ours 

And the worlds
And yet 
Those people
We let them
Get away with it

And keep
Voting those


We can vote for

Into and back into power
Like we claim to
But never really do
Know better
Then wonder 
Every fucking time

What the hell
We never learn
And it's about

Time we did
Open your eyes society
We are all being
Used, lied to,
Bought, and sold
By the very people

We have convinced
Ourselves we can trust
Wake up society
Just please
Wake the fuck up



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