Heroes (Be That Person)

In a world
Of conformist
And social chaos
Those in charge
Keep selling us

As freedom
Be the one

Not afraid

To walk alone

And not fit in
To make a stand
Against a crowd
Of sheep
Following wolves blindly
Convinced it's
Their own idea
Be the one
Not afraid 
Of mob mentality
Or the mob itself
The one who

Scoffs at both

The road most
And less taken
Then decides
To pave their own

Be the one

Who speaks truth
Even when
Everyone else
Believes and lives
Nothing but lies
And speaks up
Even when
So afraid 
Their voice
Is but a 
Wavering whisper
Be that person
Because let me

Tell you
A little about

That person
They are every
Single hero
In history
The ones 

Who made a difference
Even when everyone else

Told them they couldn't
They all started out
As that person
And so can you

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