A Tribute To Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman
An actor
I have loved
In so many roles
In so many movies
From the Sherrif
Of Nottingham
To Rasputan
And Metatron
To of course
Professor Snape

And the guy 
Who kissed
Norman Reedus
I watched it all

And so much more
And loved every
Single second
Your death
Sadden me

To no end

An actor
I loved
Wished somehow

To one day meet
You made me laugh

You made me smile

You made me happy
Thank you 
Alan Rickman
For not only 

The memories

But the magick 
In you that touched me

And oh so many
You are missed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one took me a while to write. I got sick right around the time he died and am just now able to write a tribute to him.

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