The House Of Lies

Welcome to the

House of lies
Where it is 
Just the blind
Leading the blind
But worry not
Say those in charge

We promise

You will be just fine
We'll take care of you
Just like we promised to
Or at least thats what
We will pretend to do
While behind your back
Making sure
Your screwed
But hey
Thats just
What we do
You vote us in
Believing all the lies

We fed you 
Of our bullshit
That kept you

From the schemes
And plans 
We truly have

In store for you
Don't bother 
To resist
Or fight back
We must insist

Trust me

It's not worth it

Your efforts 
I'm afraid
Are less

Than worthless 

We own you

And always have

You who whine

And bitch
About everything

But about it

Won't do
A single
Fucking thing
Don't mean to boast
But you are who
We are proud of

The most
So keep it up
You beautiful idiots
Who keep making noise
But do nothing
And all your lives
We will just

Continue screwing
But don't worry
We swear
Everything is

And always will be
Just fine... really 

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