World Is Dark,Sky Is Bright (Thank You Ziggy Stardust)

The world 
Is dark
As it mourns
As one
For a fallen legend
That meant
So much
To practically
David Bowie

A man of 

Many faces
Who wore them
All so proudly
Who was
So unique
He made
Being a freak
Not just something

That was ok
But something
To be proud of
Who ever you are

Who ever you
Feel like being
Who ever the

True you is

Don't hide it

Embrace it

Because who ever
That person is
Should be
And celebrated
That's how Bowie lived
And that is what
He taught us
While freedom 

Is what 
He gave to those
Of us
Who never fit in
Made us all
Feel beautiful
For being unique
As he himself was
And as one

Who is proudly
And has spent more time
Standing out
And being ridiculed 

Than fitting in

For being someone

Who tirelessly

Spread that message
And telling me
And the rest of us

It's all ok
I must say
Thank you

Though those

Two little words

Don't seem
Nearly enough
Yes the world
Is dark today

A beautiful legend

Has gone away
But the sky
Is bright

And I will
Tell you why
Go out
and find

The brightest
Shining star
And that will be

The star
The one shining
For us all
For that my friends

Is Ziggy Stardust
Forever watching
Over us
In the beautiful
Night sky
With a smile


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