RIP David Bowie (My Beautiful Goblin King)

David Bowie
Man where to

Even begin
Not sure if
I can think

Of even one

Artist worth
A damn
He didn't have

Some type
Of influence on,
Work with,
Or was friends with
Or at very least
Was admired
The hell out of by
And for anyone
Paying attention
It was easy
To see why
Doesn't even
Begin to
Cover it

Nor does talented
Unique and 

Proud to be

Ziggy Stardust
Inspired all of us 
To just be us

And go with it
No matter what
Anyone else thought
He made him

Work for him
And in doing so
Taught us

That we really can
One way or another

Make us 
Work for us

And that 
Like him
Is a beautiful thing
A beautiful man
With a heart
And soul to match
He lived life

As only he can
And brilliant
Living magick
That can never be
A good friend
And inspiration to
Two people
Whose music saved
And changed my life
Friends with 
The great John Lennon
And a great influence

Dare I say hero 
To Marilyn Manson
Far as I am
Their influence 
On me is just
Another thing

One way or another
I can thank him
For too
Not to mention
How much his music

Also makes me happy
In awe of him
Yes I have always been
And the sadness
Of him being gone
Is just too much
For me to even stand

So thank you 
David Bowie
For being a dream
The world never
Wanted to wake from
And for being an inspiration
And good friend 
To the ones who 

Saved me 
I swear in a way
You saved me too 
So thank you 
David Bowie
On behalf 
Of pretty much 

Just thank you
And we will 
Always miss you

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