Change Must Come

I will not be stopped
I will not be silenced
Go ahead and try
But my passion
Will not be harnessed 
No I will not be
By madness
And violence
Or swayed 

By your lies

And darkness
Yes forward
I will keep going

For heard is what
I need to be

To find the peace

And bring 
The change 
I seek
In this world

That has become

So gloomy
And bleak
That common place

Has become

And tragedy

It angers me
And saddens me

To no end
To wake up
To another
Terror attack
Or mass shooting

Once again 

This shit
Must end

Has to give
There is more

To life than this

We can't just keep
Living like this

Letting this shit happen
Getting mad
But in the end
About it
Doing nothing
Its time to step up
Yes rise up
Put aside our
Work together

For once
And figure this

Shit out
Before we lose

More than we
Can afford

Even more

Than we
Already have 

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