Fuck The System

Fuck the system
And the fucking

Of the institution
Behind the 
Of a media led
Lie filled nation
Of fear
And guilt
If the media
Doesn't get ya
Hell the politicians will 

So god damn political
And fucking cynical
It makes me sick

Just to think of it

Tell me society

Have we had 
Our fill yet

Have we learned yet

Sadly enough
I guess not
So the hell continues
We bitch 
And we whine

While I'm stuck
Asking and 
Wondering why
Why the hell
Do we keep
Putting up
With this filth

How are we not yet
Sick enough
Of this shit
To finally
Do something
About it 
We say
Fuck the system
But its not a new concept

Hell we've been

Saying it for years
Tell me society
Are we ever going to
Fucking mean it 

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