Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor
One hell of
A badass rocker
And kickass singer
Who is one of the few
Who can make
Any bad day better
At least he 

Can for me
The passion

He has

For the music

He makes

Clear as day
You can hear it

In his voice
And feel it

In every word
And I would be lying

If I said
His passion
Didn't inspire

The hell out of mine 
Zero fucks

He may claim

To give

But a good man
I swear
Is what I see

When I
Look at him

Loves his fans

Yes my fellow

Life long maggots

And will defend us

When need be

At the drop 
Of a hat
And if nothing else

Hell you gotta
Respect that
He may have
A bit of a temper

But fuck it
So do I

And I have to thank him

For making me feel

Like hell that's alright
Embrace the rage
Be you and no one else


And own the fuck 
Out of it
That is what

He has taught me

And I can't thank him
Enough for it
Thank you Corey
You fucking rock
And I sincerly hope
You never stop

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