Open Minds And Freedom Lives

Open minds 
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While open eyes
Are the only ones

That see at all 
Free souls

May tend to wander

But are also
More likely to grow
Into an individual
Conformist fear
And sheeple envy
Living happy
Living free
Living as who
They choose 
To be 
All they are taught to be

Choosing for themselves 

Embracing the unique
Instead of following

Chasing dreams
Instead of
Social status
And the finer things
Learning the true 
Meaning of life

And what is
Truly important
Seeing the world
For what it is

Not what they

Are told it is
Experiencing life

Instead of
Through it

Bottom line

While you

Big wigs
Are bragging
About your lives
They are
Out living theirs
To the fullest
Letting nothing

Hold them back
And honestly

I would rather be
One of them

Any day 
So you can take 
Your status
Bank accounts
And conformity

And honestly
You can shove it
I want none of it

I just want to be free 




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