Midwest Stranded, Freed By Music

Faded conscience
Worn out mind
Midwest victim
Going blind
Trying hard

Just to keep

The truth of

Who I am
In my sights
By those
I cannot trust

Shoving religion
Down my throat
Just trying
To for my sake

Stay a float
In a sea of madness

I don't belong in
Bullied, beat down,
Pushed around
Thought I was out

Yet back again
Once again stuck
In a hell
I don't deserve
In the middle of nowhere

Searching but not finding

Sanity anywhere
Headphones on
Music cranked up high
I close my eyes

And let out a sigh
If I can't leave
Then at least

The music can take

Me away in my mind 
Yes at least

The music can let
My restless
Soul take flight 

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