Victims No Longer

We are the cause
Long forgotten
Victims of a world
Long time broken
The society
We ourselves
Don't even seem
To care about
The ones 
Over worked

And overlooked 
Over burdened
And under
The little people
Those in power
Like to use up
Suck dry
And walk
All over 
Take from us
All they can
Then laugh

As we are 
Then thrown away 
We are the ones
That make the world

Go 'round
Not that those
Who need to
Ever see it 

Hidden in the shadows
Barely even seen
When needed

Tossed aside

Thrown out
Like yesterdays lunch 

Why do we keep
Putting up with it
We are the human
That has become
Nothing short

Of pathetic
And weak 

And only we
Can do anything

About it
We must speak up
Be seen 
Be heard
Stand our ground

And fight back hard
And remind
Who we are
We are important
Worthy and strong
and no more

Will we be the victim
Of social status
Or so called

Upper class
On our own 
Two feet

From now on
We will proudly stand
As we will be 
Walked on
No longer

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