It's Time To Take Our Power Back

Random Favorites

Hear the truth
Within the silence

Find the hope
Among the violence
See the life
Among the death
A message meant

For the rest
We will rise above

Yes rise again
Fight against
This terror
And we will win

Good people
In this world
Who are as 
Fed up 
With this shit 
As I am
Our time is now

Yes it is time
For us to

Take our world back
And liars
Who are running

This shit show
Only have power

If we say so
It's time we realized this

And took our power back
Because I don't know
About you
But the world today
Enough is enough

Something must

Be done
A revolution
And global rebellion
Is what we are
Desperatly needing
And it all starts
Innocently enough
With just four little words
Power to the people 




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