I Am Who I Am (And Am Proud Of It)

I am 
Who I am
There is no
Denying it
No escaping it
One of a kind

In a world

Meant for me?

Yeah not so much
Society preaches 
Do this

Do that
Do whatever it takes

To fit in

And not be left out 
Be one of us

Or be shunned
And looked down on
Makes it sound
Like individuality
Is this horrible thing
But if you ask me
I would rather

Be shunned
Looked down upon
Be in the eyes of others
Some type of freak
If it means

Getting to be
The me

I know I am
And should be
I will happily
Not fit in
Be the one
Who is different

And misunderstood
Just for the chance
To live free
Because fitting in
Going with the crowd
Being a sheep
Yeah thats easy
Not to mention
I would rather
Keep my dignity
Thank you very much
I will proudly live as me
However weird
Or wrong in your eyes

That may make me

At least I can say
That unlike you
I am living 
My life my way
I am free

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