We The Peace Seekers


We the peace seekers

Those who see

See your pain
See your chaos
Hear your cries
Your questions why
And respond with

A question
Of our own
How could
An entire planet
Let it get this bad

Go this far
And unchallenged 
For so fucking long
War and famine
Hatred and greed
So common place
We now
Barely even
Blink an eye
Let alone
Truly care about
Any of it

Past what
We can find to
Bitch about 

It's our own fault
We know it

But won't
Admit it

As usual
We would rather
Bitch, deny, and ignore

Than get off our asses
And do anything
About it
So we the
Peace seekers
The seers
Who wish
Right now

We didn't see
Any of it

Have a question for you
What do you
Want us to do
About it
And even if

We did do
What you wanted
Would you even let it
Make a difference 


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