I Will Shine

Never heard
And only seen
As the lie
They claim to see
Living behind

My tired eyes
I've had enough

But can't give up
Beaten down
Pushed around

Soul thats shattered
Heart that's torn
I keep going

But not sure

What even for
So sad and lonely
Wishing someone
Would hear me

Or see the truth

Of the girl within
Hiding inside me 

Screaming to be seen

Dying to matter

Instead of being

Brushed off 
As whatever
More to offer
Than ever
Given credit for
Forced into
The shadows

Lower than low
Can't take much more
And fuck that shit 

It ends today
My life is mine

To live my way
And from this day
The shadows will be

Nothing more
Than a forgotten dream
I will finally 
Step my way
Out of the shadows
And into the light
I will be seen
I will be me
Yes for once
I will find
My own way
To finally shine 


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