Dreamers (We Are Coming)


We may be dreamers

Yes dreamers

We may be
But make

No mistake
There will always be

More of us
Than you

May care to see
And if you ask me

It's about time

We had our day 

Peace seekers
Those who
Just wish to
Make a difference
Anyway that they can
Those who see

The truth of man
And won't hesitate
For everyones sake

To take a stand
Be the voice
Taken from
Far too many
In the name of greed
Give power

Back to the people
In the name of justice
And fight like hell
To find the peace

That they seek
For society

You seem to wish

Never to see
Your days

Of being a tyrant

Controlling society

Through conformity
Are numbered
We are coming

And so is your end

Count your blessings 
My friend
You're going

To need them 

Yes we are coming 

For you
And there is nothing
You can do 

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