The Hell We've Created (Just Tell Me Why)

I am not you

Or your belief's

And you are not 
Me or mine
And believe it
Or not
My friend
In the end

There is

Not a damn thing

Wrong with that
In fact
Believe it
Or not
It is infact

A good thing
I am different

Just like you
And through
Our differences
We are meant to learn
And grow as people

Evolve as a species
Find and achieve
The dreams
We once thought
Were so impossible 
Not kill each other
In the name
Of a god
And create on earth
In the meantime

The very hell
We claim we are
Trying to avoid
Come on society

Have we really 

Fallen so far
That we live so blindy
We can't see
The hell

We are already
Living in
The hell we
Have brought
Upon ourselves

With our greed
And hatred
Is this truly what
We want
Is it

And if so
Please answer me this
Why? Just why 

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